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Project N: 591854-EPP-1-2017-1-DE-EPPKA2-SSA



Definitive Training Course

The purpose of this document is the representation and description of the entire process that led to the construction of the e-learning educational platform capable of increasing knowledge in the field of Mechatronics and Metallurgy. This platform will be aimed at both primary and university students at the first level. The process involved the verification and identification of the skills required by the industries of the Mechatronics sector and the identification of the critical aspects of the educational contents and the definition of the gaps between the knowledge transmitted and the demands of the industries in the sector. The next step was to implement the educational platform in the Uninettuno environment, respecting the ECVET and EQVET requirements and in compliance with the ESCO training and competency requirements. The last step concerned the determination of the examination rules able to certify the students’ knowledge in the two indicated training levels. These certifications will be among the contents of the e-card, another project objective, able to record the knowledge of each student in Mechatronics and Metallurgy.



Full version of the report on assessment skills and needs in the mechatronics and metallurgical sectors industries now available in six languages

The Report on assessment skills and needs in the mechatronics and metallurgical sectors industries in the five countries is now available in its full version not only in English, but also in German, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian and Slovak. Please go to the project´s result page to download the versions in different languages.


“SMART Manufacturing” conference in Salesianos Atocha

Salesianos Atocha organized the technical day ‘Smart Manufactoring: Optimization of production processes’, an event that contemplates the complete phase of production, from planning and programming, its passage through machining to finish with the verification of quality and measures of the piece. This is how the collaborators of this technical workshop organized by the center for clients and future professionals of the sector.


For the development of this day, held in the morning and afternoon hours for students and companies, the FP Center had several specialists in each of the areas of the production process: Fagor, RAIS, Tebis, Hoffmann Group, Zoller, Blum Novotest and Seiki Robotics.


In addition to the demonstration area, the different companies presented to the attendees their company and the role of their solutions and products in the process of producing a product.


We could see all the leading developments in terms of preparation of parts and tools, programming, high performance machining, measurement, process verification and production automation.


Both Salesianos Atocha and other Vocational Training Centers of the Province, organize this type of activities where companies, teachers, students, etc … keep them at the forefront of Training.


The portal, “the Spanish language platform No. 1”, collected in detail the proposal of each of the companies in the article: SMART Conference, Manufacturing and optimization of the production process in Salesianos Atocha.


Salesianos Atocha, with more than 100 years of life, has the objective of “giving maximum quality to the needs and expectations of its students”. They cover all stages in formal education in Infant, Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate, and Vocational Training.


Within the Vocational Training and training for employees and unemployed, it develops different technical areas, ranging from machining, welding, maintenance, graphic, audiovisual arts, building and civil works, computer science, electricity and electronics. In Salesianos Atocha they develop blended and face-to-face training, comprehensive management of training plans and open enrollment programs or ‘in-company’, but “what they really do well is listen and understand the training needs of students to be able to offer them effective solutions for his professional development.”

We had the oportunity to present MEMEVET and its advantages for their alumni and future students with MEMEVET educational model that combines the delivery of theoretical-practical content in the educational center with practical training in companies, in this way students have the opportunity to know what they wait once they enter the labor market.






User Guide to access in the Didactic Cyberspace

This document exhibits the steps to navigate in the educational platform created for the realization of the curricula that interest both high school students and university students, in order to provide expertise in the field of Mechatronics and Metallurgical processes.



New successful mobility and networking with MeMeVET in Sofia

A new mobility opportunity has been carried out thanks to the cooperation between TUS and ITKAM. On the 09th of September 2019 the student Felix Herzog from the Vocational School of Weissenburg travelled to Sofia to join the MeMeVET project. In the first time with the assistance of the teacher Ralf Etzel, Felix had the chance to visit the Specima, a world leading company for automation of casting machines. The firm is specialized in robots for the automation of horizontal die casting machines of Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminium applications, exported to over 30 countries worldwide. The following video, realized by the student during the mobility, is a little taste of the learning experience of Felix.



Several reasons why academic staff have to participate in a mobility exchange programme

If you consider why to participate in a mobility exchange programme, we would like to present you several reasons to convince you to go:

  1. You will be able to exchange innovative ideas with professionals in similar areas
  2. The experience will help you to gain in-depth knowledge of different education system
  3. You will be able to add this experience in your resume, making it much more competitive
  4. You will improve your language and personal skills
  5. Networking – you will meet a lot of new people and experts

Not convinced yet? Read the inspiring story of the associate professor at the Technical University of Sofia who had the chance to visit Italy in the framework of MeMeVET project.

I was highly interested in taking part in the MeMeVET project. That was not just because it is the best training ground to improve my language skills, but also to get an idea of the cultural heritage, the country and the people in Italy.

I am very happy that I had the chance to make such an experience and to accomplish so important activities. In my opinion, the most interesting aspects were:

  • We visited the VET departments in some schools and the Department of Mechanics at the University of Perugia. A comparison between the educational methodologies in schools and universities in the area of Mechatronics, Mechanics and Metallurgy were conducted. That is an important component that contribute to the success of the European educational system;
  • We were able to expand an overview of the teaching training and teaching practices through several visits in different companies, such as Dewalt and Umbra Group that are engaged in the Engineering production. A series of helpful demonstrations and presentations on the necessary knowledge for the best practical training were performed;
  • Debates on innovative educational programs, methodologies and organizational activities, and the general educational system in Italy were held;
  • We observed new professional and educational structures, and at the same time, we discussed and promoted the internship activities between the technical universities of Bulgaria and Italy, as well as the partnership activities between European Structural Units;
  • We were introduced to the main principles of the Italian educational system, and particularly, in VET schools;
  • We were also introduced to the Italian Cultural Heritage.

I am very impressed with my visit. Тhe meetings with the collaborators, which are great professionals, were extremely useful. The places we visited were among the best equipped ensuring excellent conditions to train the local workforce and to work at in the area of ​​Mechatronics. I really liked the idea of ​​the hosts to introduce us to the cultural traditions of the Folignio festival.

Such initiatives are useful for exchange of experience and I would love to participate in similar ones.


Benefits of participating at the Erasmus exchange program: the story of a student

In the period 10 September – 01st October the Bulgarian student Simeon Simeonov had the chance to visit Italian companies in the framework of the MeMeVET project. Read more about his exciting international experience below:

This year I was part of the Erasmus +, MeMeVet project as an intern at DeWalt Power Tools in Perugia, Italy.  During those 22 days, we visited several manufacturing and automation factories. Personally, I was most impressed with the UmbraGroup plant, an Italian company that manufactures control surfaces and connects elements related to the flight stability of an aircraft. We also visited schools, one of which had the primary purpose of training students in the area of automation and mechatronics. They had numerous upgraded halls equipped with 3D scanners, 3D printers, an Industrial Robot and many other stands related to the industry. Another school we visited was the secondary special school named after the inventor of the first electric battery, Alexander Volta. Together with my Prof. Traian Stamov, we were introduced to numerous stands for demonstration of pneumatic and hydraulic control of different systems, a stand for the study of hydrodynamic phenomena and also a solar and wind power generating station.
My internship was at DeWalt, where I was part of a small team of proven employees. I was part of the laboratory where many tests were carried out in order to find out the longevity of the life of new machines and to check the quality of the machines currently on the market, and also to check that all the instructions for the construction of the machines are followed. The laboratory was also established to investigate various new parts and materials that could possibly replace the ones used so far, with the aim of lowering the price and improving the quality of the finished product. The tasks I was assigned with varied widely and were never simple, which is, and perhaps is, one of the main reasons why I am extremely grateful and satisfied with this program. My very first independent task was to design a part intended to connect the piston of the existing pneumatic testing system with a new machine yet to be tested. Other activities included becoming familiar with the process of working with a three-coordinate measuring machine and a metallographic microscope. At the end of the first week of the internship, I was also introduced to a mathematical model that optimizes the performance of electric motors used to drive machines. In the second week, I had the honor of being part of a team aiming to find the cause of the linear guide bearing malfunctioning in a series of machines because of this problem, all production of this type of machine had to be delayed and the cause of the problem discovered as soon as possible. I had the opportunity to observe how people like the chief engineer, the production manager and the head of the research lab combine their skills and together discovered the problem by methods I had never known before. By the second week we had already released the machines that had to be connected to the pneumatic system by means of the part I had designed. This test had also found a problem with a small part from a new manufacturer, and for the rest of our days, our main task was to find out if this was actually the cause of the machine malfunctioning. Taking different measurements of details in all sorts of ways was also part of the things that made my day-to-day routine more interesting. Grabriel Cardinali, my tutor at DeWalt really tried to make my internship as useful and diverse as possible. This, in turn, motivated me to do my best and to try to accomplish each task correctly. During my period at the company I think that I was able to create a good name for myself and for the Technical University of Sofia. The people I communicated with often asked me what country I was coming from and what I was studying, and I proudly answered: I am a Bulgarian student and I study Aeronautical Engineering at Technical University Sofia.

The time spent in the company allowed me to see how the whole process goes, from entering individual components on one side of the plant, through numerous automated systems, assembling of components, quality tests to finished products ready for dispatch.

The first week we also visited the engineering department of Perugia University, where they took us on tour around the laboratories, met with members of their Formula Student team and especially their chief aerodynamicist which for me personally, as the chief aerodynamicist of our TU Sofia Racing Team, was quite helpful. We were also introduced to the impressive wind tunnel at the University. The machine has the following characteristics: power 380 watts, closed cycle, 2.2 meters diameter of the nozzle, Turbine with 12 blades and maximum speed of up to 180 km/h. As I said, as a part of the Bulgarian team at Formula Student this really impressed me and I think it will be helpful for my future development in this direction.

For 22 days I had the opportunity to taste over 20 different types of traditional dishes and also get familiar with the culture and history of the Umbria region and Italy in general. During my free time off work I had the opportunity to visit several cities in the Umbria region, places like Trevi, Cascata Delle Marmore Falls and several forts.

I think this project is a good opportunity for every student and I encourage every one of my student friends to apply for internship/ mobility on a similar type of projects because it will actually improve their practical skills and confirm some of the theoretical ones that we have learned. I am also very impressed by my knowledge given by the Technical University of Sofia both theoretically and practically. I had many good feedback from the experts in the company and this is mainly due to the knowledge gained during my study period at TU Sofia.


Final project meeting and final dissemination event in Italy

The MeMeVET parners are currently attending their final project meeting at Florence, Italy. On 10 and 11 October they are participating at Didacta fair, one of the largest events in Italy devoted on education and innovative approaches in the system of education and training. This friday, 11th October will take place the MEMEVET final event. The project parners will attend two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon where they will disscuss different topics of interest in order to exchange information on professional training, created tools fostering VET development, mobility of academic staff, students, employees and entrepreneurs, etc. During the event they will present and promote the MeMeVET project and the achived results.
The event is registered as Erasmus day 2019. For more information please visit:


The exciting mobility from Bulgaria to Italy completed successfully

The mobility from Bulgaria to Italy completed successfully Another phase of the #Erasmus project #MeMeVet had been completed with the mobility in Italy of a teacher and a student of the Technical University – Sofia, Bulgaria.
The ITTS A. Volta, as “host organization” has set up a program of activities with visits to companies in the mechatronics sector, to the Department of Engineering of the University of Perugia and to other technical training institutions in our area. The student also had the opportunity to perform two-week internship at DeWalt, Stanley Black & Decker. Watch the video that shows some moments of this interesting and exciting international experience.

Successful mobility of the Spanish student and teacher in Slovakia

The student Joan Magraner Carrió of the intermediate level vocational training of electrical and automatic installations (IES Tirant Lo Blanc, Gandía – Spain) and the teacher José Alberto Pérez Marco travelled to Slovakia, in the city of Presov. The student has done training practices in the company LEAR CORPORATION, a world leader in the manufacturing of seats and other components of electronic systems in the automotive sector. All the mobility process has been coordinated by the Automation Technology and Robotics (AT+R) Cluster.



The first mobility in the framework of MeMeVET project

The first mobility in the framework of the MeMeVET project has been carried out this summer.  The student Alessio Baglioni, from the IES Alessandro Volta of Perugia, had been doing 20 days  internship in the company Autis of Gandia, Spain. During the first week the student was accopmanyed by the teacher Francesca. The organization of the mobility was made possible thanks to the coordination of the European projects team of the Tirant lo Blanc IES.



The training modules developed under MeMeVET project are accessible online

The common curriculum for complementary educational skills in the area of mechatronics and metallurgical sector developed under the MeMeVET project is already available online. After an in-depth analysis of the employers’ needs the project partners identified the modules of learning on topics of core relevance both for the qualification itself and for the support of mobility in the mechatronics and metallurgical sector.

The identified modules for high school students are:

  1. Technical English
  2. Health and safety in the workplace
  3. Design and Planning
  4. Mechanics and manufacturing
  5. Automation and robotics

And the courses for bachelor students:

  1. Soft skills
  2. Robotics
  3. Production Planning, Control and Supply Chain Management

The level of the modules proposed for high school corresponds to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) Level 4 – Factual and theoretical knowledge in broad contexts within a field of work or study – (Upper Secondary Education Diploma). The design of the didactic modules developed within the project MeMeVet is completed with the indication of ECVET credits.

The level of the modules proposed for students corresponds to EQF level 6 – Advanced knowledge of a field of work or study, involving a critical understanding of theories and principles.

The project partners created an interactive and user-friendly platform that can be accessed HERE.  In order to download and recognize the teaching materials, please request an account by sending an email to:

Until now, pilot evaluation activities were performed with the participation of students, teachers, and companies.

The Project partners invite VETs, Chambers of Commerce and Industries and Authorities, as well as other interested stakeholders to support the project and contribute to the evaluation and further improvement of the developed modules by filling in the online feedback form HERE.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us at:

Facebook page:


BCCI and ARIR Vratsa have signed a memorandum of cooperation within the MeMEVET project

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and ARIR Vratsa have signed a memorandum of cooperation under MeMeVET, which will help to promote the training program created within the project. The Agency for Regional and Economic Development – Vratsa carries out information and educational activities to stimulate public participation in solving the problems of the restructuring regional economy. The Executive Director of ARIR, Mrs. Nesrin Donesa, expressed her readiness to disseminate information about MeMeVET training opportunities through Agency’s information channels. The parties discussed opportunities for cooperation, including the exchange of information, experience on other projects with European funding, building on the results achieved and widening the links between the academic community and business.

Individuals who have successfully completed the MeMeVET training will receive an electronic card containing the acquired skills and qualifications. A number of companies and organizations across Europe have already expressed their readiness to recognize the training programme, which will facilitate the mobility and recruitment of the personnel. If you are an organization that would like to adopt the training and benefit from the project results, please contact us by email:

Like our Facebook project page for up-to-date information on all upcoming events and initiatives:



BCCI and TU-Sofia provided project information to the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training in Bulgaria in regard to discussions and updating of the State Educational Standards in Bulgaria

Representatives of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and the Technical University – Sofia (TUS) held a fruitful meeting with experts from the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training in Bulgaria (NAVET). The purpose of the meeting was to present the MeMeVET project, the developed training modules in the field of mechatronics and metallurgy, as well as discussions on opportunities for thir recognition and use at national level. In this regard, the Bulgarian partners prepared information and current data on the skills and qualifications required by the labor market, based on the conducted within the project survey and interviews. The information will be reviewed by NAVET for the purpose of updating of the National Educational Standards for professional qualification in the field of mechatronics and metallurgy.

If you are a company active in these sectors and if you would like to send us your proposal (for new professions or for updating the current State Educational Standards in Bulgaria), please contact the Bulgarian partners until the end of September by email:


Mobility and networking for students and academic staff in metallurgy and mechatronics

From July to September 2019, according to the project plan, MeMeVET partners are sending one student and one teacher from each participant country to another. All five countries will take part to the mobility, in order to increase the cooperation between VET institutions and companies and establish a sustainable network. The mobility project addresses students and academic staff in metallurgy and mechatronics. Its aim is to promote mobility across EU as essential part of the learning process to put into practice knowledge, skills and competences acquired and developed in education and to contribute also to the internationalization of VET system. The mobility will last 20 days for the students and 5 days for the teachers (plus 2 travel days). It will be attended by students who previously carried out the testing of developed training modules for VET schools and universities in mechatronics and metallurgical sectors. Placements can increase employability and help entering the graduate job market. Companies in each country will be also involved in order to implement together internships for students.

MeMeVET at #ErasmusDays2019 (11th October 2019)

On the 11th October 2019, MeMeVet will take part with its final event in Florence to the Erasmus Days, joining the celebration of the Erasmus+ Programme in Europe.

For more details about the event click here.


BCCI and RAABE Bulgaria have signed a memorandum of cooperation within the MeMEVET project

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and RAABE Bulgaria have signed a memorandum of cooperation under  MeMeVET, which will help to promote the training programme created within the project. RAABE Bulgaria is a professional literature publisher also specialized in organizing different qualification courses. The manager of the company, Mrs. Nadezhda Tsvetkova, expressed her readiness to publish information about the MeMeVET training opportunities in the RAABE Bulgaria  bulletin,  distributed  to principals and teachers from Bulgaria on a monthly basis. During the meeting, Ms. Tsvetkova also shared the successful practice of the company under Erasmus+ and 3MVET project, during which they created innovative materials for vocational education and training in the field of mechanical engineering, metalworking and metallurgy. The parties discussed further opportunities for cooperation, including exchange of information and experience on European projects, building on the results achieved so far and widening the links between the academic community and the business.

Individuals who have successfully completed the MeMeVET training will receive an electronic card containing the acquired skills and qualifications. A number of companies and organizations across Europe have already expressed their readiness to recognize the training programme, which will facilitate the mobility and recruitment of the personnel. If you are an organization that would like to adopt the training and benefit from the project results, please contact us by email:

Like our Facebook project page for up-to-date information on all upcoming events and initiatives:


MeMeVet project presented at ITS Umbria Academy

On July 12 there has been a meeting at the seat of Confindustria Umbria (Perugia, Italy) between Ms Patrizia Roma, referent of MeMeVet project for the VET partner ITTS A. Volta, and Mr Oscar Proietti, engineer and course trainer at ITS (Istituto Tecnico Superiore) Umbria Academy to get the foundations for a collaboration. ITS is a highly specialized post-diploma technical Academy established by the Ministry of Education and the Umbria Region which realizes tertiary education courses and is actively participated by the companies of the territory. They have expressed their interest for the learning materials produced within the MeMeVet project and are willing to test them in their training courses.






MeMeVET final project meeting in Florence, 9th-10th October 2019

MeMeVET will hold its final project meeting in Florence at the location of PromoFirenze from the 9th of October to the 10th of October. Located in the heart of Florence, PromoFirenze is specialized in business development both locally and internationally, supporting business to participate in national and international fairs.


MeMeVET training modules for students of VET schools and universities

Within the MeMeVET Project 8 courses for Mechatronics and Metallurgy have been developed; 3 of which for bachelor students and 5 for high school students.
The summary of the content of the courses is already downloadable in the section Project results, under  “Report on the implementation of ECVET, EQF/NQF principles in the development of MeMeVET project curriculum for VET schools” and “Report on the implementation of ECVET, EQF/NQF principles in the development of MeMeVET project curriculum for universities”.

Courses for high school students:
1. Technical English
2. Safety at work
3. Design and Planning
4. Mechanics and manufacturing
5. Automation and robotics

Courses for bachelor students:
6. Soft skills
7. Robotics
8. Production Planning, Control and Supply Chain Management


MeMeVET at DIDACTA with its final event

From 10th to 11th October 2019, MeMeVET will participate to DIDACTA, the national fair on education in Florence promoted by INDIRE, the National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research of the Italian Ministry of Education.

At DIDACTA,  MeMeVET will organize its final event within the SIF – SKILLMAN.EU INTERNATIONAL FORUM 2019 on “Curriculum design, Sectoral skills development and Ethical issues on Advanced Manufacturing sector”( Two workshops, one in English and one in Italian, will take place at DIDACTA.

The goal of the SIF Forum is to discuss and analyze the main challenges faced by the Advanced Manufacturing sector, a field in which MeMeVET has developed an expertise, as it has created a common transnational curriculum in the fields of mechatronics and metallurgy to encourage the mobility of students and workers in Europe, with training modules and teaching materials.

Because of its expertise MeMeVET will play an active role in the SIF Forum, as it is part of the official scientific and organizing SIF 2019 Board.

The Workshops:

La sperimentazione Unioncamere – Federmeccanica sull’attestazione delle competenze will take place on the 10th October, from 11:00 to 13:00.
It will be attended by the italian Chambers of Commerce and italian VETs, as well as by teachers and professionals from Italy. The workshop will be focused on the methods and tools developed in order to acquire skills in the field of mechatronics.

MEMEVET Mechatronics and Metallurgical VET for sectors’ industries will take place on the 11th October in two sessions, from 10:45 to 12:15 in room 22 and from 15:46 to 15:54.
It will be attended by VETs, teachers and professionals, and be focused on the developed transnational Curriculum for professional training in the fields of mechatronics and metallurgy.


MeMeVet project at Europe Day in Perugia

The MeMeVet project brochure and poster were on display on one of the Erasmus stands set up by ITTS A. Volta in Piazza Italia, one of the main squares in Perugia (Italy). The school organized a public event for the celebration of Europe Day on May 11th 2019, inviting parents, students and authorities. On this occasion, all European projects and international initiatives were presented. The event was held in Palazzo Cesaroni, the seat of the government of the Umbria Region.


MeMeVET project was presented on a workshop organized by BCCI

Experts from the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented the MeMeVET project and the opportunities for the business and the personnel, during a workshop which took place on 20th of May in Sofia, Bulgaria. All participants, who were representatives of SMEs and young people, expressed their interest in the upcoming training and the opportunities for internship. They congratulated the partner organizations on the project initiative. They are also looking forward to receiving more information about the release of the innovative product within the project – the e-card, which will have significant benefits for the employment and the free mobility of personnel in the mechatronics and metallurgy sectors.


The MeMeVET project was presented at WEBIT International Festival in Sofia

Experts from the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented the MeMeVET project at the WEBIT International Festival, which took place from 13 to 15 May in Sofia, Bulgaria. The annual event attracts European innovation, digital and tech ecosystems in one place and is visited by more than 2000 companies, entrepreneurs  and start-ups from 120 countries worldwide.

WEBIT was a great opportunity to establish contacts with potential stakeholders in the field of mechatronics across Europe, as well as presenting the opportunities for training and internship within the project and beyound.

If you are an European company willing to accept a foreign student or if you are a student who would like to take the advantage to extend his/her practical skills through an internship, please contact us at: email:

The program will provide funding for selected students.

Like our Facebook page to receive up-to-date information:





The MeMeVET project was presented at a special event on the occasion of Europe Day held in Sofia, Bulgaria

On the occasion of the Europe Day, on 9th May an information day was organized by the European networks in Bulgaria. During the event, citizens were informed about their rights and obligations in the EU, travel assistance and job opportunities, vocational trainings and opportunities for internship. Experts from the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented the MeMeVET project and the results achieved so far before the young people and students gathered for event.

The mission of the project is to facilitate mobility and employment in Europe, in order all young people to gain experience and knowledge and to be more competitive on the labor market. The project initiatives and activities have sparkled the interest of the young people. They were very interested in the mobility experience they can benefit from in the period July – September 2019. This opportunity will help students in the mechatronics and metallurgy fields to improve their practical skills and to test the e-card developed in the framework of the project. On the one hand, companies operating in these sectors will have the opportunity to accept a foreign student. On the other hand, students from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and Germany will be able to gain experience in a foreign company / university. This will help them to build on their knowledge and to be more prepared for the labor market.

If you are an European company willing to accept a foreign student or if you are a student who would like to participate in an internship, please contact us at: email:

The program will provide funding for selected students, after preliminary approval.

Follow our Facebook page of the project and  you will receive up-to-date information about all upcoming events and initiatives:



Collaboration Agreement between MeMeVET and Skillman


ITKAM has signed a cooperation agreement with Skillman, a transnational platform which connects industry and training centers with the civil society in Advanced Manufacturing. Both parties will benefit from this agreement: MeMeVET will use the transnational platform for emerging skills in Advanced Manufacturing, Skillman will make use of the VET Curriculum in the mechatronics and metallurgy sector developed by MeMeVET.


Meeting for dissemination and exploitation of the achieved project results in Bulgaria

Representatives of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a meeting with the Executive Director of the Agency for Regional and Economic Development – Vratsa, Mrs. N. Doneva. The occasion of this meeting was a presentation of the MeMeVET project and the opportunities it offers for people who have decided to develop and enrich their careers in the field of metallurgy or mechatronics. Mrs. Doneva noted that the region of Vratsa has a prominent industrial profile. The processing industry on its territory is one of the the leading, represented by  leading companies too, such us cement factories , a metal cutting machines plant, a metallurgical plant, a modern electronics manufacturing plant, which produces LED lightening, electronic and electromechanical products, metal sheet products, etc. In addition, there are vocational technical schools that offer specialized training in the field of automobile mechatronics, industrial electronics and other interesting profiles. Ms. Doneva was pleasantly surprised by the idea of ​delivering an innovative product – the e-card that will be obtained after training and noted that this is a wonderful opportunity for professional development in the field of all young people in the country.


MeMeVET Dissemination Day at Technical University – Sofia, Bulgaria

A dissemination day of MeMeVet Project at TU-Sofia held on the 9-th of April 2019. The event joined together students, current and future engineers and guests, including the Vice rector of the University and the leader of the project from Bulgarian site prof. Lubomir Dimitrov, assoc. prof. Pancho Tomov, the managers from the Bulgarian mechatronic companies, as well as Kostadin Kostadinov from Bulgarian Academy of Science, professors from the university.

During the presentation, particular attention was paid to the idea of unification of mechatronics and robotics training programs, which allows students from different countries to have recognition of their knowledge and skills in different European countries. Representatives of the participating manufacturing companies mention that a benefit of this recognition broadens the opportunities for better realization in the labor market.


MeMeVET project meeting in Madrid

On 25-26th March the third MeMeVET project meeting took place in Madrid. The project partners took the following steps:

– approval of the newly developed modules;

– presentation of the first results of the testing phase of the newly developed modules;

– presentation of the web platform on which all developed modules and teaching materials will be uploaded;

– presentation of the first action plan for the proper development of the e-card, which is, along with the creation of a European VET curriculum in mechatronics and metallurgy, the second main goal of the MeMeVET project. As this project meeting was held in Spain, representatives of the “Professional Construction Card (TPC)” José María Tejero, Director FMF- Metal Foundation for training, Qualification and Job, and José A. Viejo Rodríguez, Director of training and Job of Fundación Laboral dela Construcción were invited to provide the MeMeVET Consortium with relevant information and useful insights for the proper development of the e-card. The best practice of the “Professional Construction Card (TPC)”, successfully introduced in the Spanish metal construction industry, will be used as example by the MeMeVET consortium to create an e-card to support the common VET curriculum in the five European member countries;

– definition of the final action plan for the mobility, which will be implemented from July to September 2019 in all five participating countries.




MEMEVET at the event “Artificial Intelligence, Key Driver of Economic Development” and interview on the magazine “Fiere di Hannover News”

The Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (ITKAM) will present the project MeMeVET during ITKAM COLLOQUIUM 2019 at the networking event “Artificial Intelligence, Key Driver of Economic Development”, which will be held on April 2, 2019 from 17.00 at the Hannover Messe, one of the world’s largest trade fairs for  industry and technology. The Hannover Messe and ITKAM COLLOQUIUM represent a great opportunity to create connections with the stakeholders operating in the mechatronics and metallurgy sectors. For the sustainability of the MeMeVET project and the widespread of its VET curriculum on a transnational level, it is paramount to network with universities, schools, training institutions and companies in the mechatronics and metallurgy sectors.

In view of the Hannover Messe, ITKAM released an interview on the magazine “Fiere di Hannover News” in order to introduce the MeMeVET project to a broader audience. The article is available under this link.

If you are interested in taking part in the networking event “Artificial Intelligence, Key Driver of Economic Development”, please contact the following address:

For further information about ITKAM COLLOQUIUM 2019, please visit the following page: ITKAM COLLOQUIUM 2019  or download the press release.



Promotion of the MeMeVET project at international carrier forum in Bulgaria


On 15th March experts from BCCI, Stanislava Trifonova and Christina Shotekova, participated in an international career forum organized in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. The topic “Education and career” inspired a lot of lecturers, young workers, students and recently graduated to participate actively and exchange information in order to achieve effective matchmaking. Stanislava Trifonova from BCCI presented the MeMeVET project and all forthcoming activities (aims and results achieved so far, the development of training modules, trainings, as well as the mobility opportunities). A lot of questions were raised in relation to the educational modules and the internships that will be organized in the framework of the project. During the discussions Stanislava presented two of the developed  modules so far by asking the public to provide their feedback and recommendations. Some of the participating employers shared their opinion that soft skills are very important and the best ratio between soft skills to technical skills is 20% to 80%.

During the event promotional brochures of the project were disseminated among participants of the “Education and career” forum and exposed on a brochures stand.





Workshop – Professional development and mobility of staff in Mechatronics and Metallurgy sectors in TUS Bulgaria


MeMeVET4Industries is a project designed to support labor market activities in the mechatronics and metallurgy sectors in order to increase mobility and employment in Europe. The project includes 15 partners from 5 European countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and Spain). One of the

project activities is to conduct a workshop to review and present the results of the implementation of the activities so far and to present the upcoming activities and initiatives.

Within the framework of the MeMeVET4Industries project, a Workshop was held at the Technical University-Sofia on 05.12.2018. It involved 25 participants. The main purpose of the workshop is to present the current trends the labor market needs and to establish the expectations and needs of the students and employers in the sectors of metallurgy and mechatronics. A project of a single transnational curriculum, coordinated with the project partners, was presented. Students were encouraged to provide their opinion.

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An information day within the MeMevet project was held at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

An information day devoted to the MeMeVet project and the professional development and mobility of the personnel in the mechatronics and metallurgy sectors, was held at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) on November the 6th.  .

The purpose of the event was to bring together the representatives of the business, academia, students and other stakeholders as well as to inform them of the main objectives, forthcoming activities and opportunities related to the project during its implementation and beyond. BCCI experts made a brief review of the mechatronics and metallurgy sectors and its development in Bulgaria during the recent years. The experts also presented the results of the performed surveys, the challenges that the business face and the needs of the labor market in the target countries (Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Germany and Bulgaria). Within the project, two types of surveys were conducted, namely a survey of 39 questionnaires sent to 250 SMEs, and an interview with 50 companies (mostly large enterprises). Participants demonstrated their strong interest in the presented topics. The students were eager to learn more about the opportunities to participate in the forthcoming training modules and mobility in 2019.  Interested stakeholders can consult the report “Assessment of the skills and needs in mechatronics and metallurgical industries in Europe” which is already published.

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MEMEVET – DISSEMINATION at trade fair Didacta Italia, Florence 18th to 20th October 2018, Italy

In the picture, you can see a representatives of ITKAM and VET-Institute A.Volta, MEMEVET Project partners
ITKAM, coordinator of the project MEMEVET, could gain a very positive experience disseminating the MEMEVET project at the international fair Didacta Italia, which took place in Florence from the 18th to 20th October 2018

The trade fair Didacta Italia is the most important international Italian fair about school and education. This last edition has seen 23.794 participants.

Didacta Italia is the result of the international network of Didacta Association based in Germany. Every year in Germany Didacta- die Bildungsmesse attracts a huge numbers of visitors, educators, teachers, trainers, parents and anyone interested in the education sector. In its last edition it counted over 100,000 visitors from 40 countries, its congress program included 1,500 forums, workshops, lectures, seminars and podium discussions.


MeMeVET Transational Project meeting 26-27 November in BERLIN, Germany

On 26th and 27th November the second transnational project meeting of the EU-project MeMeVET will be held in Berlin at the Italian Chamber of Commerce (ITKAM), located inside the Embassy of Italy.

During the meeting will be organized a workshop session to compare the results of status quo of the VET curricula in the five countries and discuss  the measures for designing and implementing the training modules

The workshop will be held by the Project VET Experts A. Volta, IES TIRANT, Uninettuno and TUS.

MeMeVET – Best practice workshop on November 13, 2018 in Dresden, Germany

Together with High Tech Startbahn, the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (ITKAM) is organizing a best practice workshop on November 13, 2018 from 16.30 in Dresden. At the event the results of the survey on skills and industry needs in the mechatronic and metallurgical industries across the five countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and Bulgaria) will be presented and the theme of the integration between education and the needs of the industries will be discussed. The event will be attended by a representative of the Saxon Ministry for Culture.


Forthcoming activities within the MeMeVET4Industries Project

The public consultation on qualification and skills needed in the sectors mechatronics and metallurgy was successfully completed and the results will be analyzed and disseminated soon. What is coming next?

According to the two-year project plan workshops and information sessions will be held in each participating country (Spain, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, and Bulgaria). These events aim to achieve a wider visibility of the project activities among the relevant beneficiaries, stakeholders and decision-makers. This is one of the most important steps towards the creation of a bridge between the education and the labor market.

The information sessions will present to the broad public all project objectives, activities and achievements, as well as the developed modules, courses and recommendations for the VET education in the specific sectors. The workshops will be used as an additional tool to present the project in a more interactive way. They will be focused on best practices and will involve national cluster organizations.

Students from universities, prospective students from secondary schools, as well as managers and professionals from local companies will be more than welcome at these forthcoming events. The participants will have an excellent opportunity to exploit trends in the above mentioned sectors and opportunities for future professional realization.

Local stakeholders will be also invited in order to get aware with the practical use of the project results as well to be involved in the creation of win-win solutions. The project partners from the respective countries will be also present at the events and will be available to exchange opinions and goods practices with interested parties.

Don’t hesitate to visit the information session and the workshop in your country! The dates will be announced soon. Follow the publications on our website or Facebook page in order to book your place. Participation is free of charge.



Public consultation on the skills and the qualification required in the mechatronics and metallurgical sector were successfully performed under the MeMeVET4Industries project

The project partners have made their first steps towards the successful implementation of the MeMeVET project. Following the two years plan 15 project partners from 5 countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and Spain) were involved in the identification of existing and emerging skills needs in the above mentioned sectors. With this purpose a public consultation on the qualification required for young professions and recently graduated students was held in the participating countries. It was organized both, under the form of survey with companies and interview with larger entities (the “big players”). Target group were companies operating in the field of metallurgy and mechatronics. The interviews and surveys were available online on the project website and enterprises from all sizes were encouraged to participate. All project partners spread the information about the public consultation through their communication channels.

As a result, 20 interviews with big players were performed in total. The results in relation to the surveys were also quite impressive, 250 respondents were registered (59 from Germany, 51 from Bulgaria, 36 from Spain, 51 from Italy and 53 from Slovakia).

The conduction of the public consultation was one of the most important activities undertaken within the project so far, since it will provide the project partners with clear overview on the employers’ expectations in the respective sectors. The received results will be used for adjustment of the training modules’ content. The main aim of the forthcoming training courses is to increase the competences and the chances for professional realization of graduates in metallurgical and mechatronic sectors in accordance with the employers needs. All the MeVeVET Partners would like to thank all companies for the active participation and the provided opinions.



The MeMeVet project partners have launched a public consultation on the skills and the qualification required in the mechatronics and metallurgical sector

In order to assess the needs and the skills required at the mechatronics and metallurgical labour market in Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Spain and translate it into courses and training modules, the MeMeVET project partners have launched a public consultation. The consultation will be organised in the form of a survey that will be distributed to more than 50 companies across the participating European countries as well as in the form of interviews with “big players”, such as medium sized and big enterprises well known in each country. Interested companies, active in the mechatronics and metallurgical sector are invited to give their opinion and participate in the survey that will help the partners to define the expectations of the employers in terms of skills, knowledge in new technologies and additional qualification of their future trainees and employees. Their answers will have an added value for the identification of the lack of skilled employees that companies are facing or will have to deal with in the near future. The results of this activity will be of great importance for the final adjustments to the contents of the forthcoming modules and courses which will be organised in the framework of the project in order to increase the competences and the employment chances of graduates and young professionals. The opinion of the business will also be of crucial importance for the development of the VET CV and for the achievement of the other results planned within the project duration.

If you are interested in giving your opinion on this matter, please click on the survey: SURVEY

If you are representative of a large company, please click on the interview below: INTERVIEW

The deadline of these consultations is the 8th of June.


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